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Anime in music video clips

Anime in music video clips

A short selection of anime in music video clips; the list could be way longer but only a few caught my attention more than others.

“The Music Scene” by Blockhead is an organic over the top animation filtered by explosions of colours. The visuals seem to be as one with the flow of the song. Enter the void.

DYE came out pretty strong with this shonen driven anime. Great song and quite a surprise if you were to expect some sweat child-friendly visuals + script. Please more…

On the third video by Ken Ishii you may recognize the style of Koji Morimoto (animation director of Akira, director of Memories -Magnetic Rose- etc.). Some inverted colours parts felt a bit cheap but the overall addictive cyberpunk feel made it to the selection.

There will probably be a part 2 of this post, so stay tuned.

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