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Jones + Cunningham + Moodymann + Axes


Jameson Nathan Jones + Jeremy Cunningham + Moodymann + Red Axes.

The six declarations laid the foundation for the wider project of surveillance capitalism and its original sin of dispossession. They must be defended at any cost because each declaration builds on the one before it. If one falls, they all fall:

• We claim human experience as raw material free for the taking. On the basis of this claim, we can ignore considerations of individuals’ rights, interests, awareness, or comprehension.
• On the basis of our claim, we assert the right to take an individual’s experience for translation into behavioral data.
• Our right to take, based on our claim of free raw material, confers the right to own the behavioral data derived from human experience.
• Our rights to take and to own confer the right to know what the data disclose.
• Our rights to take, to own, and to know confer the right to decide how we use our knowledge.
• Our rights to take, to own, to know, and to decide confer our rights to the conditions that preserve our rights to take, to own, to know, and to decide. Thus, the age of surveillance capitalism was inaugurated with six declarations that defined it as an age of conquest.


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