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Otolab / Suonare la luce

Otolab / Suonare la luce

Otolab / Suonare la luce

Enjoy Lacrima Pictures brand new video! We shoot this in Milan, at the workshop by Otolab on the building/testing of the Lumanoise Drone Generator.

Here are some random thoughts and feelings about this experience:
The ocean of our ancestors is reproduced in the watery womb of our mother and is chemically related to it. Ocean and Mother. In the dark liquid of ocean the relentless masses of water pushed past the first sonar ear. As the ear of the fetus turns in its amniotic fluid, it too is tuned to the lap and gurgle of water. (R.M.S.)

Now we are grown lidless ears, our entire bodies are. With these drones you seem to climb herds of erupting Krakatoa volcanoes. We listen to the darkness. Then the glimpses of light. Roars and punctuation sounds mark the way for the blind delirium, at first slave of the solitude, then gradually like a mantle that covers new acoustic cyclicalities.

Thanks to WeMake. More info here.

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