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Postiljonen + Mizan + Tideup + IC3PEAK

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Postiljonen + Mizan K + Tideup + IC3PEAK.

Made my body look like gold for you
Took a thousand dollar loan out for you
Woke up in the morning cooked up a feast for you
But you messed up baby
Messed up real bad
And my mother didn’t raise, no fool

Now it’s time to leave if you want I can pack your shit for you
Love is but a dream baby and I know you can find it too
Don’t even bother looking back cause we are Thru
So Thru baby so thru so thru
Maybe some day you’ll find somebody that loves you like I- that loves you like I do

But right here, this right here it’s over
Oh this long crazy road is done
Oh baby please don’t frown
These things happen
These things happen

It makes my blood boil to think how much I sacrificed for you
So many of my rules I bended and I twisted and I broke them for you
They say some men are dogs and you are proof
You’re so proof baby you’re proof you’re proof baby
Maybe some time in the future you’ll realize that you had a good thing
This was a good thing

But right now this is over
Oh this crazy road is done
I loved you but you took it for granted
And my mother didn’t raise
Baby I ain’t
No fool
I ain’t no fool

And in the future I’ll always think of you
And I’m sure you’ll always cross my mind
And baby who am I kidding I’ll always love
And I’ll think of all the good times I’ll try
When I’m older I’ll reflect back on the good times we had
And baby maybe they’ll make me cry but

I’ll always love you and i want you to know that
But right now this right here needs to be over

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