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Miyamoto Musashi | The Way of the Ronin (Dokkodo)


Miyamoto Musashi | The Way of the Ronin (Dokkodo) part 1 of 3.

Watch part 2 and part 3.

Musashi’s written works expand on the ‘path of the warrior’, which is the samurai way of discipline, focus, restraint, and honor. The path of the warrior is governed by moral and ethical codes that are commonly referred to as Bushidō. Shortly before he died, Musashi compiled twenty-one principles on how a warrior should live.

These timeless principles known as Dokkōdō can inspire us today to live well. This three-part series elaborates on the twenty-one principles from Musashi’s Dokkōdō. The first part and second part explored the first fourteen principles. This third and final part further explores the path of the warrior, based on the last seven principles.

Please note, the elaborations in this video are based on existing philosophies, the author’s interpretations, and reasoning, and are intended to be an inspiration for present-day life.

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