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Gik_ is an experimental project that was created in Cátedra Wolkowicz, UBA 2016. It’s a science fiction channel, aimed at people interested in space culture, computers and general science… It works by hacking, surprising users in order to direct them to it’s content.
Idents are based on topics from science fiction, such as space conquest (Trump ID), men with superpowers (Messi ID) or Man Vs. Machine (Kaptcha ID), linking general culture to specific content from the channel.

Originally the work was done in Spanish language, translated for this presentation afterwards. That is why the name Gik_ (a “loan” of “geek”), in Spanish sounds the same but is written differently.

Designed and animated by Federico Maksimiuk
Sound Design by Nicolas Maksimiuk
Thanks to Ivana Turik, Juan Sparano y Fabián Carrere

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